5 Reasons to Consider Compounding Services for Your Child


When it comes to most things in life, one size doesn't fit all. This realisation within the medical world has led to a growth in pharmacists trained to provide compounding services.

Compounding services offer patients individually customised medications, tailored to suit their exacting needs — a pharmacist trained to compound medicines can take the individual components that make up a medicine and customise their quantity, strength, form, and taste to create a finished medication to suit the specific needs of a patient.

It's not hard to see just why this service can be valuable, particularly when it comes to your kids. But, if you're in doubt, read on for five good reasons why you may want to use compound services for your children.


Children do not come in all shapes and sizes, and standard medications do not have the variation to cope with these differences. A pharmacist can adjust the strength of medicines to suit your child's size.

Allergies and Intolerances

If your child is allergic or intolerant to any of the components in their medication, such as gluten or soy, the medicine that is supposed to cure them can become problematic and even dangerous. A compounding pharmacist will be able to remove or substitute the offending component, making the medicine safe for your child.

Form and Taste

Getting medicine into some children can be difficult. A compounding pharmacist can reformulate a medication so that it looks and tastes different. If your child is a fan of chocolate, for example, you can have a drug changed to suit their tastes. Many medications can be reformed to look like sweets, lollypops or fizzy drinks to disguise that they are medicinal.

Unavailable Brands

In some cases, due to manufacturing or stocking issues, a medicine may not be available at a regular pharmacy. This causes a delay in treatment while you wait for the store to get the medicine back in stock. A compound pharmacist will create their version of the medication you need so that treatment can be started straight away.

Dye Free

Some children respond negatively to the dyes found in foods and drinks. If you usually try to keep dyes out of your child's diet, a compound pharmacist can remove them from your child's medication too. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that your child's medicine will do the job of healing without adverse symptoms from added dyes.

Always look for a pharmacist who is experienced in compounding medicine for children.


30 November 2017

Services Offered by Your Local Drug Store

Did you know that your local drug store can do much more than just providing you will medication? I didn't know this until I went into my local drug store to ask about my mother's medication. The pharmacist was really nice and he took the time out to explain exactly what the drug was and what to expect when she began treatment. He also offered to compound the drug so that it would be easier for my mother to swallow. I was really impressed by the service I received so I decided to start a blog. I hope you enjoy it!