Critical Areas That a Compounding Automated Ordering System Improves


If you work in a pharmacy that utilises a manual system of medication ordering, you may not be new to the problems that arise. There can be delays in addition to the overwhelming amount and pressure of work that you are required to carry out within seconds or minutes to keep up with the flow of patients. All of these issues can cause stress on both you and the patients you serve. Note some crucial areas in which paperless compounding medication ordering system can benefit.

Saves Time

The use of triplicate copies of forms filled out by hand can prove to be a lot of work regarding the organisation, storage and retrieval of the forms. Worse still, copies may become hard to read, and a confirmation might be required to avoid dispense of wrong medication. STAT orders, on the other hand, are urgently needed, and dealing with papers can become hectic. A compounding automated ordering system improves order verification and turnaround time. This leads to pharmacist satisfaction as even STAT orders are easily identified, communicated, prioritised and handled, preventing any delays.

When there is an improved workflow, the pressure reduces, and everyone is happy. Pharmacists get more time which was previously spent sorting out papers, and they can make clinical consultations and support patient care. Clinical staff will also have more time to make their rounds, thus improving patient care. This brings about trust and security among nurses and pharmacists.

Reduction/Zero Refill Errors

A compounding automated ordering system protects pharmacists from making refill mistakes, which can put patients at risk. It provides a reliable method of refilling and dispensing the right medication to specific care areas. The system can easily track down the exact date a particular order was made and the quantity that was dispensed. This helps in making sure a patient does not get an overdose or an underdose. Furthermore, the system can let you know whether it is time for a refill and what quantity to give based on a particular patient's history record.

Saves on Cost

Cost is a crucial and constant problem for medical centres. They are already struggling with the increase in patients and decrease in clearance of hospital bills. A compounding automated ordering system can help hospitals get rid of avoidable expenses by reducing mistakes that result from human error. This can significantly reduce additional treatments or extended hospitalisations catered for by the hospital due to wrong medication. Lawsuits from patients who have been given the wrong medication leading to complications or even worse can also be avoided.


29 November 2018

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